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Welcome to SCC!

Southern Chemical Corporation (SCC) delivers the highest level of service and solution-driven logistics to maximize the building blocks of your business. Backed by security of supply and a reliable distribution network, SCC distributes methanol and melamine to small and large companies throughout the Americas.

Since its founding in 1997, SCC has grown to become the preferred and reliable market leader of methanol sales and distribution in the Western Hemisphere. Starting in 2010, SCC further diversified its product portfolio with the addition of melamine. With strategically placed terminals and warehouses, an impressive vessel fleet, and multiple production plants SCC can meet the challenge of the market, regulatory changes and ever-expanding customer requirements.

Our commitment to our customers reaches beyond competitive pricing and dependable stock. We are fully invested in Responsible Care® practices and have provided years of exceptional customer service. With a strong leadership position in the market, SCC strives every day to deliver product, valuable information, and the most cost-effective logistical solutions to our customers, giving them a competitive advantage


Recent News

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