Melamine Manufacturing Process

SCC’s source of melamine originates at Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited. On May 4, 2006 MHTL began construction on its mega AUM facilities, a diversified petrochemical complex which manufactures Urea Ammonia Nitrate (UAN) and melamine using feedstock from integrated Urea and Ammonia plants. The complex produces UAN and melamine for sale to the Americas and Europe. Melamine is produced using Eurotecnica’s high pressure melamine process.

The Eurotecnica High Pressure Melamine Process

Process Map

The Eurotecnica Melamine Technology is based on three main pillars:

Single-stage, liquid-phase non catalytic reaction. The reactor is as simple, flexible and reliable as an heat exchanger. There are no recycle loops, no compressors, no fluid bed nor catalyst to be taken care of. The very high pressure inside the reactor allows to keep the pressure at high levels also in the downstream equipment and in the stream of off gases going back to the urea plant, thus greatly simplifying the integration of the melamine plant in a fertilizer complex.

Separation and purification based on intrinsic properties of the products coming out from the reactor, without addition of further chemicals The unit operations of the separation and purification step are based on Eurotecnica’s deep knowledge of the equilibriums among ammonia and the other products coming out from the reactor. No additional expenses for chemicals are required, nor salts to be disposed of are found in the effluents.

Zero discharge, total recovery of products and co-products. Reaction products in all streams coming out from the plant are recovered either as melamine or decomposed to ammonia and carbon dioxide and recycled with the off gases to the urea plant. No valuable product is wasted and no solids, liquid or gaseous pollutants are released to the environment.

Source: Eurotenica

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