Services & Supply

SCC’s Source of product originates in Point Lisas, Trinidad at Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited’s (MHTL) production facilities which is strategically placed on the west coast of Trinidad. Trinidad has a vast resource of natural gas, the key raw material required to manufacture methanol and melamine.

Starting in 2010, SCC further diversifed its business operations by adding melamine to its product portfolio.

We have an extensive logistics network to transport methanol and melamine from production facilities in Trinidad to our customers throughout the Americas.


The MHTL methanol complex consists of five methanol plants that are all currently operational: TTMC I, TTMC II, CMC, Methanol IV (MIV) and the M5000 plant.

The MHTL AUM complex consists of seven integrated plants, that are all currently operational and produce Urea-Ammonium-Nitrate solutions (UAN 32%).