Melamine Logistics & Supply Chain

Melamine Logistics & Supply Chain

Our customers will be able to count on us for the safe and reliable delivery of melamine to their facilities anywhere in North America. We have a supply chain team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service to satisfy our customer’s needs.


SCC’s source of product originates in Point Lisas, Trinidad at Methanol Holdings Trinidad Limited’s (MHTL) production facilities. Trinidad has a vast resource of natural gas, the key raw material required to manufacture methanol and melamine.

An extensive logistics/warehousing network has been organized to transport melamine from production facilities in Trinidad to strategically placed warehouses and from our warehouses directly to you, the customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico.


To provide flexible, reliable and prompt supply to our customers, SCC has relationships with a well established group of trucking companies.

Our multiple warehouse locations and flexibility add to our security of supply. We access warehouses in the following locations:

  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Houston, Texas
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Portland / Eugene, Oregon